Cobot supports CNC machines to work at full capacity

Endutec GmbH

In short

At special machine manufacturer Endutec, a UR10e is responsible for feeding a CNC machine. The robot supports the company in utilizing its machines to full capacity by taking over the night shift, delivering flexibility and space saving benefits.

Endutec GmbH relied on purchased parts to build its special machines. In order to be more independent here and to maintain a reliably high quality of the machine parts, Managing Director Andreas Flieher decided to purchase his own CNC machines and produce the workpieces himself. For this to be economically beneficial, the company also has to be a contract manufacturer putting the CNC machines to work on parts for other companies as well.

Due to the lack of skilled workers, however, Endutec was not able to set up a two-shift operation. The night shift went unfilled, and the company was faced with the great challenge of not being able to use its machines to full capacity.

Endutec GmbH

Industry Metal and Machining
Country Europe
Number of Employees 5-25
Cobots used UR10e
Video — Endutec GmbH, Germany

The solution

Endutec decided to automate the feeding of a CNC machine. The company developed its own loading station for this. The UR10e removes the workpieces from a rack. Even heavy and unwieldy components are positioned in such a way that the cobot can comfortably pick them and deposit the milled pieces again. Since some of the workpieces are sharp-edged and heavy, the application and loading station are equipped with the necessary safety guarding.

Despite the need for safety caging, the loading station is space-saving and flexible. If necessary, it can be easily moved with a lift truck and, after the safety measures have been set up, it can load another CNC machine.

Endutec compared various robot systems upfront and involved its employees in the selection process right from the beginning. The cobots from Universal Robots were particularly convincing due to their easy programming and handling. Endutec chose an e-Series model. This model has an integrated force-torque sensor, which enables precise insertion of the workpieces into the chip fixtures.

The result: the employees enjoy working with the UR10e and even use it more extensively than previously planned. In this way, the cobot not only takes over the night shift, but also relieves the skilled workers of the monotonous inlay work during the day. Instead, they use the time to set up new CNC programs. This avoids errors and makes production much more efficient.

The nice thing about the cobot is that the employees see it as a colleague. When they finish work in the afternoon, they simply hand over the remaining orders to the robot, which then completes them overnight. Who doesn't like such a colleague?

ANDREAS FLIEHER, Managing Director
UR10e cobot application, Endutec GmbH, GermanyUR10e cobot application, Endutec GmbH, Germany

Automation challenges solved:

  • CNC milling parts

Key value drivers:

  • Easy programming and controlling
  • Safe and space saving
  • Precise, reliable and flexible
  • Steady

Tasks solved by collaborative robots:

  • Loading of a CNC machine

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