Small business automation – why palletizing should be a priority

Palletizing is the epitome of the kind of physically demanding and repetitive work that increases the chance of workplace injury when done for hours on end.

Small business automation – why palletizing should be a priority
Small business automation – why palletizing should be a priority

All over the world and in every sector, business automation solutions are freeing people from the mundane and repetitive tasks that previously ate up large amounts of their working day. For finance teams, digital solutions now ensure month-end activities take hours not days, while customer services teams are finding automating chunks of claims processing is saving them vast amounts of time and stress. In the world of manufacturing and logistics, automatic palletizing systems are creating a lot of value for SMEs.


Palletizing is the epitome of the kind of physically demanding and repetitive work that increases the chance of workplace injury when done for hours on end. Utilizing a collaborative robot (cobot) to take care of moving heavy loads is an example of how a well-implemented SME automation solution can have a huge range of positive impacts for businesses.

Palletizing is an excellent candidate for an SME’s first venture into automating a physical process. It can quickly boost productivity, reduce the impact of worker shortages and increase worker morale by moving them away from a risky and monotonous task.

A turnkey cobot palletizing solution is a simple, great value way to get the automation ball rolling. Here are some of the differences robotic palletization can make for your business.


There is no escaping the fact that there is a major labor crisis impacting the ability of manufacturing and industrial companies to operate. Small and medium sized businesses, which already operate to tighter margins, cannot afford to use agency workers or compete with rising salary expectations.

The problem isn’t a short-term one either; Millennials and Gen Zs are simply not entering the manufacturing workforce at the same rate as older workers are retiring. Clearly, businesses need to seek a longer-term solution to their workforce issues.

A cobot-driven automatic palletizing solution is a cost-effective option, even for businesses with small premises. With minimal training, your existing workforce can start using a turnkey automated palletizing solution. Or you can enlist the help of your technical staff to design and implement a bespoke palletizing cobot configuration. No matter which option you choose, a cobot will free up your people’s precious time for tasks that genuinely require a human touch.

Unilever fully automated two production lines in their Polish factory, and with entirely automated palletizing by cobots, the process speeded up and Unilever employees were moved to more value-added processesSix UR10 cobots now handle tasks related to packing of the tea


Productivity gains and increased output are two of the most attractive benefits of a cobot palletizing solution. Our cobots, fitted with the right end effectors and programmed with the right stacking patterns, typically achieve ROI in around 12 months. With no need for breaks and a high degree of repeatability, your cobot is designed to keep working until you tell it to stop. One of our clients, a US-based engine component producer, saw annual savings of $150,000 by switching to cobots.

While the UR+ ecosystem lets our customers choose from over 440 industry-leading, highly specialized components, our partners also offer simple, holistic cobot palletizing solutions. They’re designed to be plug and play, making them an excellent option for businesses with less technical capabilities. Choose a complete automation solution or pick from bundles geared towards your palletizing needs and get up and running quickly.

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The world of manufacturing and industrial operations is changing. For small and medium sized enterprises looking to increase their competitive advantage and make the best use of limited resources, exploring business automation is a necessity. Without it, you risk getting left behind as your peers utilize automation solutions to work smart, faster and more cost-efficiently.

Our cobots are designed to help your business remain competitive both locally and globally. They’re highly adaptable, and a relatively simple way to introduce business automation and innovation into your processes. And unlike heavy and more costly industrial robots, you probably won’t need to install protective cages or dedicate as much time to specialized training.

Automatic palletizing systems have a small footprint but provide a huge range of options for your business as you grow. For example, you won’t need to take on additional workers to meet seasonal peaks and your stacking patterns can be redesigned in a matter of minutes to accommodate new products.


We are all thinking more about the impact we are having on the planet, and businesses are increasingly being required by law to demonstrate how they are cutting their emissions and reducing harmful waste. Business automation offers one way to enhance your sustainability through waste reduction, more efficient energy usage and reshoring.

Human workers are irreplaceable for some tasks, but they simply cannot match the consistency and precision of a cobot palletizer. This means fewer errors and less waste. When it comes to palletizing, this equates to fewer damaged products. Again, the ability to customize your cobot with specialized tools or application kits from UR+ also makes it easier to ensure your robotic palletizing system is operating as efficiently as possible.

It may seem counter-intuitive, but your cobot can also help you reduce your energy consumption. UR+ has a wide range of remote monitoring and access solutions that allow users to track cobot performance from anywhere with an internet connection. From here, the operator can access data relating to every aspect of the cobot’s activities and make adjustments, which helps drive efficiency and reduce unnecessary energy usage.

Finding the right automation solution for your SME business

Palletizing is an area where introducing a targeted business automation solution can quickly begin to have long-lasting positive impacts on your business. One of the most common misconceptions we encounter on a regular basis when talking to companies is the idea that their business is too small to justify a cobot.

To us, no company is too small to benefit – and the impact can be particularly significant for the smallest businesses with the tightest margins. For example, one of our customers achieved ROI on its UR5e investment in just 15 weeks. And our experts are always on hand to help you make the most of robotic palletizing systems.

Get in touch to find out how a turnkey cobot palletizing solution could transform your small business.

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