Delivering a bespoke labeling solution

Delivering a bespoke labeling solution with our latest UK Certified Systems Integrator – Sorion Electronics

Certified System Integrators (CSIs) continue to play a pivotal role within the ecosystem of Universal Robots today, working with distributors to ensure our technology is always ready to perform as intended.

Our growing network of skilled organisations continues to help manage the seamless installation of cobot solutions and their interface into companies’ manufacturing and production processes.

Keen to share innovative stories on how our integrators are helping businesses maximise the potential of automation today, here are some insights on the fascinating work of another one of our UK-based CSI’s – Sorion Electronics.

When the sky’s the limit

Founded in 1990, Sorion Electronics has grown to become an established provider of end of line test and guided assembly systems for the automotive, aerospace, technology, and manufacturing industries.

With hundreds of Sorion systems in use across different sectors today, the company’s highly knowledgeable design engineers and software specialists work diligently with our customers to develop tailor-made solutions for bespoke applications and components. Deploying low-risk solutions at rapid pace, customers of the Birmingham-based business save money, reduce production costs and quality challenges, and improve efficiencies.

The business is also immensly proud of the development of its Sextans-RT shop floor process control and testing software. Connecting people, machines, robots and systems used in production and logistics environments, organisations can improve the speed of assembly, testing and data capture applications, and ensure full traceability for quality assurance.

Developing a bespoke robotic labeling system

GA Pet Food Partners approached Sorion to support the design and build of an automated labeling system for the company’s 2kg My Label dog food bags. The task involved delivering a process for picking bags, checking the contents, and label printing and application to the front and rear.

As a provider of private label pet food solutions for partners across the globe, the business was seeking a solution that could improve both throughput and consistency for label placement. It was also keen to ensure staff spent less time on repetitive tasks, allowing them to focus instead on more high value work.

ga pet foods cobot labeling system sorion

Delivering an ideal cobot solution

To provide reliability and flexiblity for the labeling process, Sorion selected one UR10e and two UR5e Universal Robots’ to support GA Pet Food Partners.

The UR10e collaborative robot is used to select bags from an infeed rack based on the work order sent by Sorion’s process control software. It’s collaborative gripper with specially designed jaws picks a bag which is then displayed to a vision system, to determine the contents using a printed code. The vision system then assesses if a code can be found, and if not, turns the bag in an attempt to identify it on the other side. This process confirms the correct orientation of labelling is taking place, and if the bag matches the work order, it is then transported to the first labelling station.

Label application is then performed by the UR5e cobots, which are fitted with bespoke label application heads. The vision system provides the cobots with a precise location for where labels should be placed, with each UR5e then picking one from the printer positioned next to the conveyor and applying it. The bag is then flipped and a second label attached.

At the end of the production line, an operator then collects bags for packaging and dispatch.

GA Pet Food Partners have been extremely happy with the efficiency of their first robotic system, and hope to add more label placement cells for other products over time.

The power of collaboration

As a CSI within the Universal Robots network, Sorion gain access to specialised training, valuable technical resources, and priority support from the company, all of which are highly valuable, as Rob Green, Engineering Director at Sorion explains:

“The combination of Sorion’s engineering expertise, customer application experience and the incredible power and adaptability of Universal Robots’ cobots, ensures all our customers benefit from fast and effective collaborative robot adoption, setting them on a clear path for future success as they evolve.

“Our dedicated engineering team designs and installs complete cobot automation solutions from initial concept to design and integration with complete confidence, providing customers with solutions that save money and increase efficiencies. We greatly value our partnership with Universal Robots, and really look forward to furthering our relationship in the years to come.”

Universal Robots

We believe that collaborative robotic technology can be used to benefit all aspects of task-based businesses – no matter what their size.

We believe that the latest collaborative robot technology should be available to all businesses. The nominal investment cost is quickly recovered as our robotic arms have an average payback period of just six months.

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