SRCI (Standard Robot Command Interface)

SRCI (Standard Robot Command Interface)

Universal Robots

Standard Robot Command Interface (SRCI) is an open-standard for the command and data interface between a client (a programmable logic controller [PLC]) and a server (UR controller), SRCI adds an additional layer to PROFInet to allows the user to program the robots in the PLC. SRCI for e-Series, UR20/UR30 eliminates the unique libraries from each robot maker and standardize the programming across brands. Using SRCI between the PLC and the robot will also facilitate integrating the robot program into general PLC automation, help reduce programming efforts and errors.

The implementation of a standardized SRCI facilitates robot programming seamlessly within the PLC programming environment, eliminating the necessity for end-users to possess vendor-specific robot skills at their facility.

The current version released is a limited functionality release with 20 core profile functions. A broad release will be available in coming months with 29 core profile functions. 

For more query or to get SRCI URCap and associated license, contact to or fill the request form. 



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