SmoothTool Welding Package

SmoothTool Welding Package

Smooth Robotics

Robotic welding made easy!
SmoothTool is a user-friendly cobot welding package, designed for all kinds of welding tasks. With a program structure that ensures high flexibility, it is very easy to add weaving patterns, offset items or stitch weld. The software is compatible with both CB and e-series, and all features are working for both robot types. SmoothTool does even have a 3D visualization of the actual path, so you can easily verify your welding path before welding.

The SmoothTool welding software offers full integration with several robotic welding power sources from leading brands like Fronius, ESAB and Kemppi. Furthermore, SmoothTool offers integration with all other power sources, manual or robotic, through Digital I/O or Callback function.



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