2D Robot Guidance with VISOR® Robotic

2D Robot Guidance with VISOR® Robotic


VISOR® Robotic is a solution when it comes to locating parts on trays, feeders, belts etc., locating trays or workplaces and robot guidance for all kinds of assembly applications.

It is a powerful yet easy-to-use vision sensor. The combination of a highly integrated design, robust detectors for part location, and calibration routines for all types of setups make it a very versatile solution.

The VISOR® Robotic URCap guides through all the steps necessary to set up vision-guided robotics applications and provides prepared program routines for pick-and-place tasks. This provides a very fast start to the application, while offering maximum flexibility - even robot programmers with no vision experience can set it up in minutes.

Thanks to TargetMark3D and Contour3D technology, it is possible to generate real 3D coordinates, e.g. for applications in mobile robotics.


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