OPTIMO Screwdriving System with automatic feeding

OPTIMO Screwdriving System with automatic feeding

OPTIMO Robotics

The OPTIMO Robotics screwdriving system consists of a screwdriver, a screw feeder and a screwdriver controller. The system is suitable for various manufacturers – telecommunications, electronics, automotive, plastic part producers, wood industry, furniture producers, etc.

The programming of the new screw jobs is done through a graphical user interface. No previous robotics or programming experience is required. Screwing speeds can be set at the beginning, middle and end of screwing.The servo solution allows to program the speeds and torque of the screws very precisely. The force applied to the screw during screwing can be adjusted.

The screws can be tightened according to the torque or the fixation depth of the screw. The safety solution, built into the screwdriver tool tip assembly, allows a person to share the work area with a robot. The sensor detects an obstacle in front of the operating screwdriver and the robot stops momentarily.

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