Mirka® AIROS

Mirka® AIROS


Electric IP66 48V smart sander for industrial robots
The Mirka® AIROS is a lightweight sanding head that is compatible with most robotic systems and sanding applications in manufacturing. It is the first smart electric sander for industrial robots, engineered to be easy to integrate and to suit the needs of different manufacturing industries. The AIROS is IP66 classified and built for continuous automatic use in both dry and wet sanding applications as it is dust and waterproof.

The Mirka AIROS comes with a standardized ISO 9409-1 flange. As it can be made to fit all mechanical couplings, it fits most industrial robots and it is light enough to suit low payload robot arms. Direct fit without clamping ensures correct tool positioning and sanding angle. With suitable abrasives, the AIROS is compatible with dust-free sanding.
The AIROS features a sturdy design with a robust aluminum housing. The sanding head of the sander is separate from the controller unit, making parts easy to replace and reducing downtime and costs. Two-way control electronics produce monitorable live data and virtually all data interfaces are supported.


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