Kinetic Technologies RT1

Kinetic Technologies RT1

Kinetic Technologies

The Kinetic Technologies RT1 is a cobot-commanded rotary positioning table designed to maximize your productivity. With repeatable precision and accuracy of less than five thousandths of an inch, this table is reliable for any high precision job. The RT1 is an industrial-quality table with a 2,000 lb. load capacity. Originally designed for welding applications, the tabletop fixturing grid is available in SAE or Metric, with a durable finish to protect against weld spatter.  Beyond welding, the RT1 can enhance a wide range of industrial applications such as machine tending, grinding, sanding, and more. The rotary feature of the RT1 enables you to tackle hard to reach areas, process larger parts typically out of the robot’s reach, or load/unload and process simultaneously.  Our modular system is versatile and flexible meet your needs. Contact Us [] today to learn more.



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