GuideNOW is a real-time robot guidance solution based on 3D vision and powered by Inbrain. It comprises a 3D camera mounted on the robot, a real-time workpiece localization AI: Inbrain, and GuideNOW Studio, a web app for Inbrain training.

Inbrain is a very efficient 3D matching vision technology. Its AI-powered system can quickly process large amounts of 3D data and determine the position and orientation of a workpiece.

The technology adapts the robot's trajectory in real-time. According to the manufacturer the proprietary software is 100 times faster than leading algorithms, and can work with any hardware.

The solution reduces automation costs and improves automation flexibility by enabling it in all types of environments: structured, semi-structured, and unstructured. Real-time robot guidance enables dynamic reaction to unplanned events.

The system functions on all types of processes: finishing, handling, assembly or non-destructive testing and in all types of lines: fixed stations or continuous moving lines. 



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