Cobot Feeder

Cobot Feeder

Applied Cobotics / PBC Linear

Designed to boost cobot production without significant increases in labor, while achieving higher return on investment, the Cobot Feeder is a UR cobot application kit that solves material handling and labor shortage issues.  By reliably loading and unloading dunnage trays containing materials in the work area that can be accessed by the cobot, this versatile tool provides a standardized platform for storing, staging, and delivering parts into a position where they can be consistently loaded and unloaded.  

Flexible, cost-effective, and customer molded or machined nests offer infinitely customizable dunnage trays that can be turned around in a day to meet your specific application requirements, and quickly accommodate new product introductions.  The Cobot Feeder includes a base storage and retrieval unit with cobot stand, enclosed steel rack dunnage tower with a 17-tray capacity that safely stores up to 50-lbs of material, a Mitsubishi HMI touch screen display for easy lift control, Ethernet IP, Modbus, and standard UR cobot communications.  Robot and gripper are not included.

Designed with safety in mind, the dunnage tower includes a built-in interlock safety system.  There are three additional light curtains in place ensuring safety around the robot.  One islocated vertically in the robot access window, a second on the floor detects objects underneath, and a third spans the gap when the rack is removed.  

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