Rethinking Automotive Manufacturing

Global virtual event | May 15 | 15:00 CEST / 9 AM EDT

Driving the revolution with collaborative automation

Automotive manufacturing is a complex, competitive, and demanding industry, facing a variety of challenges in today’s environment. Some of the most prominent challenges include environmental concerns, labor shortage, regulatory demands, cost increases and the transition to EV’s in the product mix.  The constant in the industry is change, which is happening at an unmatched, exceptional pace in the industry.

Collaborative automation can help you navigate change with flexible, efficient cobots that can adapt and transform to meet constant challenges – and help turn these challenges into the driving force for your business’ success.

In this one-of-a-kind, free online conference, customers, industry experts and thought leaders will come together to discuss challenges and opportunities to rethink the automation processes in the automotive industry. Whether you’re a vehicle manufacturer or a Tier supplier, we invite you to join us for this exciting event. This is the opportunity to learn how collaborative automation can benefit your business, and to see how other automotive companies have reduced costs, increased quality, and improved working conditions with collaborative robots.

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Expert panel with Q&A

Expert panel with Q&A

Dive into different aspects of automation processes as we discuss how to solve concrete challenges and take a closer look at working with line builders and integrators in actual production cases. Our panel consists of company leaders and industry professionals with high levels of expertise working with automation and industry 4.0. These industry experts converge to share insights, knowledge, experience, and cutting-edge strategies. Get ready to be inspired and equipped with the tools and knowledge to revolutionize your business and rethink automotive manufacturing.

Customer success stories

Customer success stories

Discover how collaborative robots are revolutionizing the automotive industry. Witness firsthand how this intelligent technology works harmoniously alongside humans, driving efficiency, adapting to change, and opening new possibilities.

Future trends in automotive

Future trends in automotive

Deep dive into the future of automotive manufacturing and explore how the newest technological innovations such as artificial intelligence will impact the industry. Discover how collaborative automation can play a role throughout your production lines, improving employee well-being, and staying competitive in an uncertain future.

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  • Learn more about the features that set collaborative robots apart from traditional robotic automation

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