Customer Success Program

Personalized service to ensure your cobot meets your needs.

Discover a partnership tailor-made for success.

Included as standard with all cobot purchases, our Customer Success Program is designed to help you get the most out of your investment – with industry-defining expertise and tailored strategies to support the deployment and optimization of your cobots.

Personalized service enables you to avoid common pitfalls in the deployment process and analyzes the effectiveness of your operation – optimizing productivity, maximizing ROI and ensuring your cobot journey gets off to the best start possible.

Get up and running, fast.

Get up and running, fast.

Our advisors work directly with your business to build an extensive knowledge of your operation too - ensuring our solutions are relevant and the expertise we share is exactly what you need to make cobot deployment quick and seamless.

We’re here to help teams of all sizes align on a vision, deploy our technology at pace, and, ultimately, unlock more value from their cobot.

Because the sooner you’re up and running, the sooner you can start to see a return on your investment.

Tap into your cobot’s true potential.

Tap into your cobot’s true potential.

Our advisors build in-depth relationships with your business – putting your operation under the microscope to identify pitfalls and inefficiencies that might diminish the transformative impact of your new cobot. Then we utilize our deep technical expertise to turn those insights into strategies designed to give your operations a competitive advantage.

Big investments come with big expectations. Our Customer Success Program ensures they come with big returns too.

Get the expertise you need, exactly when you need it.

Get the expertise you need, exactly when you need it.

We empower businesses with on-demand advice and support to help operations run smoothly and efficiently. Our advisors understand the unique challenges faced by your business and takes care to consider them in all our solutions – ensuring you receive tailored resources and support as and when you need them.

No more aimless searching online. No more trial and error. Just face, reliable advice to get you back to work and back to seeing a return on your investment.

Empower operations with personalized support – not generic solutions.

Empower operations with personalized support – not generic solutions.

Designed to enhance the problem-solving capabilities of your operation, our Customer Success team is available for you to empower you and maximise the value of your tailored cobot solution.

Our experienced advisors are invested in the success of your investment. They take the time to understand the challenges faced by your business – before identifying relevant solutions and connecting you to a wealth of deep technical expertise from specialist who know your cobot better than anyone.

Think bespoke service, not common troubleshooting. So no matter the problem, you can turn our expertise into your competitive advantage.

Who is the Customer Success Program best for?

  • UR’s Customer Success team is well versed in helping businesses of all shapes and sizes get the most out of their cobot investment.
  • Whether you’re a small operation looking to achieve a successful deployment of one or two cobots, or a large-scale enterprise looking to optimize the workflow and performance of a fleet of 20, our specialists can support you with expertise and product knowledge to ensure your cobot meets the individual needs of your setup.

How do I get the best from the Customer Success Program?

  • The key to an effective and productive experience with UR Customer Success lies in the relationship between you and your Customer Success Manager.
  • Taking the time to engage with your CSM will help them build a comprehensive understanding of your operation, its needs, challenges and objectives. Doing so will help paint a picture of what success looks like for you and allow them to ensure you help to get the most out of your investment.

The core and advanced in-person trainings were integral to our deployment… we appreciate knowing you’re so invested in our progress

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