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Universal Robots announces the UR20

At Automatica in Munich Universal Robots introduces a new 20kg payload cobot. The UR20 is the first in Universal Robots’ next generation of industrial cobots designed to take performance to new heights, while embracing the UR hallmarks of versatility, usability and small footprints.

It features an entirely new joint design that will allow for even faster cycle times as well as the ability to handle heavier loads. Its 1750mm reach has been designed to work to the full height of the standard Euro-pallet.

Universal Robots opens its 100th training center

UR now has training centers in 23 countries worldwide.

New headquarters groundbreaking

Together with its sister company MiR, Universal Robots breaks ground for a new, state-of-the-art headquarters in Odense, Denmark. It will be the world’s largest cobot and autonomous mobile robot (AMR) Hub and is expected to be completed by January 2024.


Heavier payload for the UR10e

The payload of the UR10e is increased to 12.5kg (27.55 lbs).


50.000 cobots sold

Universal Robots reaches an industry milestone with over 50,000 collaborative robots installed worldwide.


16 kg payload cobot

Universal Robots launches the 16kg heavy-duty UR16e which can handle high-payload tasks such as heavy material handling, heavy machine tending, packaging & palletizing.


Universal Robots introduces the new e-Series

A brand-new generation of Universal Robots’ cobots - called e-Series - is launched at the Automatica show in Munich. The new platform raises the standard for collaborative robots and enables even faster solution development and deployment.

“The Nobel Prize of Robotics”.

Universal Robots co-founder Esben Østergaard is awarded the Engelberger Robotics Award 2018 by the American Robotic Industries Association (RIA). Long considered the “Nobel Prize” for robotics, the award recognizes the development of Universal Robots’ collaborative robot arms as one of the most significant technology breakthroughs coming out of the robotics community in decades.



Universal Robots Academy is launched to further raise robot literacy. It consists of free-of-charge e-learning modules that make up the basic programming training for UR cobots.

UR+ Ecosystem

Universal Robots presents UR+, a unique ecosystem that adds value for the developer community, distributors and end-users.


Launch of UR3

Universal Robots launches the table-top cobot UR3. The new 3 kilo payload cobot is ideal for light assembly tasks and automated workbench scenarios.

Teradyne Inc. acquires Universal Robots

Teradyne Inc. (Nasdaq: TER) acquires Universal Robots for $285M.


UR10 us launched

Universal Robots’ 10kg payload cobot, UR10, is launched. It is targeted towards manufacturers with larger tasks, the UR10 features a lifting ability of 10 kg and a reach of 130 cm. The company also establishes an American subsidiary, based in New York, USA.


First collaborative robot sold

Universal Robots’ first product, launched in 2008, was the UR5, a six-jointed articulated robot arm that revolutionized the market for industrial robots. Distributors sell the first UR5 cobots in Denmark and Germany.


Universal Robots is founded

Universal Robots is founded by Esben Østergaard, Kasper Støy, and Kristian Kassow, who met at the University of Southern Denmark. Their goal: to make robot technology accessible to small and medium-sized businesses by launching a lightweight robot – cobot – that is easy to install and program.

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