The winners of Universal Robots' Golden Edition Cobot

The winners of Universal Robots' Golden Edition Cobot
The winners of Universal Robots' Golden Edition Cobot

Meet all the winners of the Golden Cobot here.

Universal Robots earlier this year announced that it is celebrating its cobot sale number 25,000 by giving away a Gold Edition Cobot, shipped free of cost, to one lucky customer. Due to huge interest from customers all around the world, Universal Robots, however, decided to offer a Gold Edition Cobot to a customer in each of Universal Robots’ geographical areas worldwide.

The prize for each of these customers is a Golden Cobot with the joints painted in a rich, gold-colored finish, which is a refreshing take on Universal Robots’ iconic blue and grey cobots.

Since the sale of the its first cobot in December 2008, Universal Robots’ cobots have been utilized in industries ranging from food production to scientific research, taking on tasks that include industrial assembly, pick and place and even quality inspections. Unlike conventional robotic solutions, Universal Robots’ cobots are designed to work hand-in-hand with operators with maximum efficiency, opening up more opportunities for human-robot collaboration in the workplace. These highly versatile cobots can take on a wide spectrum of tasks and have the fastest payback time in the industry, making them a viable option for small-scale businesses where conventional options may be too expensive.

And the Winner is…

“We couldn’t have reached this historic 25,000 cobot landmark without our excellent customers,” says Jürgen von Hollen, President of Universal Robots. “With this, we celebrate not just the success of Universal Robots in empowering customers, but also the successes of our customers in innovating and changing their workplace with collaborative robots. The Gold Edition Cobot reflects our continued commitment towards making the unlimited potential of robotics accessible for all.”

Winners by region are:

Western Europe

Heemskerk Fijnmechanica B.V. from The Netherlands, a supplier of high-precision products in the metalworking industry.

The new golden robot will fit nicely at Heemskerk.

Seven UR cobots are already integrated into our production and support our employees by freeing them from monotonous tasks like machine tending. We believed in UR's collaborative robots from the very beginning and were the first company in The Netherlands to integrate it in our production,” says Lucien Heemskerk, Technical Director.

Southern Europe & Middle East/Africa

Spanish Covap, a farming cooperative of the Valle de los Pedroches, manufacturer of dairy products, Iberian ham and high-quality meat products.

“Since we incorporated the first UR cobot, we have increased our productivity while maintaining product quality and we are very satisfied with it. We were planning to buy a new cobot, so it was a great surprise to be told that we were the winners of the Golden Cobot. We are delighted,” says Juan Antonio Ballesteros, Production Manager.

Northern Europe

B-Loony Ltd from the UK is a leading provider of bespoke customer printed products for major retailers, businesses, agencies charities and countless other market sectors across the UK and Europe.

“On behalf of the entire company I’m delighted to receive this special Golden Edition Cobot. It will take pride of place on our production floor and has already proved a real hit with our employees. The Golden Cobot will soon be put to work alongside our existing robots, helping us to grow our market share by producing 2 million metres of promotional bunting each year,” says James Clephan, Operations Director.

North America

US-based Kay Manufacturing is an automated, lean production manufacturer of precision components.

“We have been using UR cobots for a while and look forward to putting our new Golden Edition Cobot to work and expect our fleet of UR cobots to grow even further as our production expands. With our UR cobots we are able to meet increased production demand and we save twenty minutes of operator time per hour, all while improving our ergonomic work environment and freeing up our staff to handle more value-added tasks,” says Brian Pelke, President.

Latin America

Armo from Mexico which manufactures turnkey projects for retail sale and exhibits furniture for point of sale.

“At Armo we are very proud to receive this fantastic Golden Edition Cobot and I am sure that it will stand out in our facilities and make all our employees happy. This new Golden Cobot will be a great piece that reflects our commitment to the products we develop every day and will be something that we will show to our visitors. Investments in technologies that revolutionize the industry and allow us to achieve our goals will always be one of our priorities,” says Roberto Serrano, CEO.

South East Asia & Oceania

Vinacomin Motor Industry Joint Stock Company from Vietnam which is engaged in the manufacture, assembly, maintenance and repair of transportation vehicles.

“The need to improve productivity and reduce operational cost led Vinacomin Motor Industry Joint Stock Company to opt for cobots as the ideal solution. Since deploying our first cobot in July 2018, we have seen productivity surge of 30% and improvements in product quality and takt time stability. We are thrilled to receive the Golden Edition Cobot which will be deployed to assist in the production of parts for transport vehicles, working alongside our employees,” says Pham Xuan Phi, Chairman and CEO.

North East Asia

Japanese GKN Driveline Ltd. which manufactures drive system parts for automotive.

“We are extremely proud to receive this cool edition of Universal Robots’ cobot. As gold is auspicious color and full of energy, I’m sure it will light up our Tochigi plant to the joy of all our employees. We have used UR cobots for the product assembly line for a long time as they are easy to program and easy to use, and workers and robots can collaborate safely in the same space,” says Hidefumi Yoshida, Senior Manager, AWD Manufacturing Engineering Section.

Read more about all the winners and see photos of the happy winners receiving their Golden Cobots here.

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