A simple, flexible and environmentally friendly robot
Universal Robots have made a simple, flexible and environmentally friendly robot. It comes with user friendly software that can easily be used by all employee

Pay-back period
The robot has an average pay-back period of as little as six months.

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Universal Robots topples tradition at RoboBusiness

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Collaborative Robot Solutions

Revolutionary products from Universal Robots that give your company a competitive edge.

Universal Robots UR5 technical specifications pdf

technical specifications
for UR5


Universal Robots UR10 technical specifications pdf

technical specifications
for UR10


Universal Robots pictures and videos

Product images
and video


Universal Robots UR5 and UR10 manuals and drawings

Manuals and drawings



Smart, fast, flexible and affordable industrial robots 

The noisy, clunky, expensive robot is a thing of the past. At Universal Robots we are looking toward the future while offering smart solutions for today’s industries. Our innovative collaborative robots make it easy and affordable to automate your production process. The lightweight robots can be moved easily around your production area, and a simple user interface is a snap to learn.

Robots that are up and running in less than an hour

Your robot can be up and running in less than hour — even by inexperienced users. They also offer unparalleled performance in precision handling, flexibility, and payload. 
Our products, the UR5 and the UR10, can handle payloads of up to 5 and 10 kilos respectively.  

Collaborative robots that can run without shielding

With our callaborative robots it is easy to develop applications that can run without shielding. A thorough risk assessment must however always be made. 

Quick payback

Our robots are designed for a wide range of industries from small machine shops and to large-scale automotive assembly lines. Regardless of the size of the business, our clients enjoy a rapid return on their investment.


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VW robots logo  

First robot to collaborate directly with employees at Volkswagen plant

The car manufacturing group Volkswagen has integrated an industrial robotic arm from Universal Robots into mass production. This is the first collaborative robot in use at Volkswagen worldwide.
First collaborative robot at VW



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