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Gain the competitive edge with our flexible, low-cost robot arms!

Precise. Collaborative. Easy to use.

From the small machine shop to the auto assembly line, Universal Robots spans a multitude of industries. For anyone who makes a product and seeks to automate production, we can help you do it faster, easier, and more affordably. 

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All robots are not equal

Let’s face it — most robots are big, expensive, and clunky. At Universal Robots we have developed a highly-specialized, low-cost robotic arm to streamline your production process. With Universal Robots it is easy to develop applications that can run without shielding. A thorough risk assessment must however always be made. The user-friendly software is a cinch to learn and installation can be done in under an hour.

So, whether its capping jars at a food & beverage factory, packing small parts into assembly boards, or tightening screws at an automotive facility, our robots are on the cutting edge of industrial automation.


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Video : GUI

Video: The "Torso" - two UR5s
in a dual arm setup.

Video: Applications - From 
small machine shops to
auto assembly lines.


Video : GUI

Video: The UR robots
- Unrivaled performance
and ease of use.





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