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Collaborative Robots 

  • Easy Programming
  • Fast Set Up
  • Flexible Deployment
  • Collaborative and Safe
  • Fastest Payback in the Industry

Explore Universal Robots’
collaborative robot arms


Universal Robots has reinvented industrial robotics with lightweight, flexible, and collaborative robotic arms.

Chief Technology Officer Esben H. Østergaard holds a Universal Robots lightweight robot arm.

Robotic Arms Are Finally Within Your Reach

Universal Robots has changed the game of automation
– and the world is taking notice. Our collaborative robot
arms help you improve productivity and profitability while
providing a safer work environment for employees.

If you’ve always thought robotic arms were too costly and
complex, they’re now within your reach. With an average
payback period of only 195 days, we offer the fastest return
on investment in the industry. Don’t wait. See what
Universal Robots can do for you.


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See Universal Robots in Action


“Having a UR5 robot tend four CNC machines milling dental crowns has saved us 9 hours of production time. That is less time that our customers are waiting and it has efficiency benefits throughout our process. ”


“Before we got Universal Robots, I stood 8 hours a day at the same machine, and I didn’t have other job
assignments. But the robots have enabled me to be more flexible and take on new tasks. It is also more
interesting to come to work, as you learn to program the robots, which is really fun.”


“Before, you had to put your hands close to the brake press. There’s always a chance of an accident happening. But with the Universal Robots, there is no chance of anyone getting injured.”