MachineMotion™ - Plug & Play Motion Controller

MachineMotion™ - Plug & Play Motion Controller


Vention's MachineMotion™ enables plug-and-play integration of the UR arm with the entire Vention ecosystem of automated equipment, such as conveyors, range extenders, turntables, pneumatics, and more.

The URCap takes less than 15 minutes to set-up and provides code-free commands to deploy robot cell peripherals in a very intuitive fashion. It includes features such as a manual jogger and a teach mode, which enable a faster, simplified workflow for entering the desired actuator positions.

The MachineMotion™ controller supplies up to four external servo axes with a single controller, plus four IO modules to expand the available IOs by 16. The safety chain can be connected using a Vention Robot Safety Module, which enables easy connection to all of the Vention safety ecosystem of interlocks, laser scanners, light curtains, and e-stop modules.


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