Adhesive gripper ADHESO

Adhesive gripper ADHESO


The new ADHESO gripper technology from SCHUNK results from a closer look at nature. Plastic pads made of special polymers form on the adhesive gripper to imitate the gecko’s fine hair structure. When gripping, the pad’s small hairs are pressed onto the workpiece surface. The contact surface enlarges, and the Van der Waals forces can act.

The workpiece can be gripped and held without any external energy supply, which offers two distinct advantages to the user: installation and commissioning efforts are low, and the operation of the adhesive gripper saves energy costs since no compressed air, vacuum or current are required. The adapter plates with integrated bayonet connection were developed by SCHUNK and allow fast change of pads.

It’s also possible to get customer-specific gripping units with ADHESO technology. Fields of application are primarily smooth and clean surfaces in the field of assembly, electronics production, but also medical technology. Residue-free handling applications where there is only one-sided access to the handling object.


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