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NONEAD Industrial Robot Extended Axis Module - CB2.0

nIREAM is a light industrial robot extend axis module. It can be used to build a rotatable and cooperative device for the robot. For example. Connect the nIREAM with a robot through a connector can add a new axis for the robot. Or you can set it and by rotating things on it to cooperate with the robot. By using nIREAM, you can lift the efficiency of production and achieve some application that can’t finish it with robot along.

Features and benefits

The nIREAM has been designed to fit seamlessly with all UR robots, offering the following:

  • Plug & Produce
  • Rotation range: -2880° to +2880°
  • Accuracy: ±0.1°
  • TCP/IP connectivity
  • Provide torque overload protection
  • Control it by IO
  • Configurable rotation direction, torque, degree and velocity
  • The standard configuration includes MODBUS-TCP and Ethernet/IP protocols
  • Free IO of the controller can be used as UR’s extend IO
  • The controller can upgrade the firmware to add new features
  • One controller can control two fixtures
  • Provide running data for third-part device
Tefchnical Details

What’s in the box?

  • NH009: NONEAD Industrial Robot Extended Axis Module - D
  • NH009-1: Sealing Rubber
  • NH009-2: M4 * 12 h8 Screw
  • NH009-3: User Manual
  • NH024: NONEAD Universal Controller
  • NH024-1: 24V DC Power
  • NH024-2: NONEAD M12 Cable 8 Pin
  • NH024-3: 1000M Network Cable
  • NH024-4: 220V Power Cable
  • NH024-5: 24V DC Cable
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