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GRIPKIT is the turnkey handling solution for Universal Robots. It is based on Weiss Robotics' high quality gripping modules that prove their high robustness and reliability day by day in industrial automation. GRIPKIT contains everything you need to realize handling and manipulation tasks within minutes. GRIPKIT is available as servo-electric or smart pneumatic version and is fully compatible to all Universal Robots models. The GRIPKIT-P series provides you a flexible and easy to use pneumatic gripping solution.

If your application requires a force and position controlled handling solution without the need of compressed air, you may have a look on our GRIPKIT-E series

Features and benefits

The GRIPKIT-P series is based on Weiss Robotics' industry proven smart pneumatic gripping modules. GRIPKIT-P is available as parallel gripper in two sizes and in addition as a 3-finger centric gripper. It is covering a gripping force range from 230 to 550 Newtons. GRIPKIT-P uses Weiss Robotics' award winning Smart Pneumatics Technology, integrating valves, position sensing and grip control into a compact and robust gripper module. This brings the simplicity and power of pneumatics to your robot without the need of additional valves or external position sensors.

Reliable mechanics

GRIPKIT-P combines precision well established precision grinded T-slot guides with a stiff and warp resistant body to a robust and reliable gripping module. This construction and 25 million gripping cycles guaranteed, GRIPKIT-P performs hassle-free in various demanding 24/7 applications, e.g. in generic assembly and packaging sector.

Integrated Position Sensing and Grip Processing

The GRIPKIT-P series grippers contain a high performance grip processor with an integrated position sensing system, that adds leading edge technology to your pneumatic gripping process. Advanced algorithms are used to control and monitor the current action of the gripper thus ensuring excellent gripping results in every situation.

Part detection and monitoring

The GRIPKIT-P grippers automatically detect whether a part has been gripped or not and are able to monitor the grip during the whole handling process. This ensures a reliable handling process without the need for any external sensors as known from conventional pneumatic gripping solutions. This reduces the number of cables to be routed from the gripper to the robot contoller and increases the reliability of the whole application.

High speed - low air

In contrast to conventional pneumatic grippers, GRIPKIT-P series grippers have the valve technology already integrated into the gripper module. This leads to a significant higher gripper speed as well as to a lower air consumption. Instead of using external valves and two pneumatic hoses to each gripper, GRIPKIT-P grippers only need one constant pressure hose routed directly to the gripper.

Seamless Integration of up to 8 grippers

With the provided easy to use URCaps Plugin, GRIPKIT-P integrates seamlessly into the Polyscope software. GRIPKIT-P supports up to 8 grippers connected to one robot, giving you the freedom to realize even the largest projects.

Turnkey solution

The GRIPKIT-P series contain everything you need to realize a pick & place application within minutes. It includes the gripping module itself as well as an electrical interface converter to connect it to the robot controller, the mounting plate to mount the gripper onto the robot arm and all the necessary cables and screws. Just unpack, mount it to your robot, install the URCaps Plug-in and start gripping!

How does it work?

Just mount the gripper to your robot arm and connect it via the supplied cables and the interface converter to your robot's USB port. Plug the provided USB flash drive into the teach pendant of your robot and install the URCaps plug-in. Now you can either choose one of the provided examples from the USB flash drive or simply start with your own program from scratch. All these steps are described in detail in the GRIPKIT operating manual, too

URCaps Plugin

Seamless integration

The URCaps plug-in provided with GRIPKIT has been designed to seamlessly integrate into the Polyscope software environment that runs on the UR controller.

No script code

As it provides graphical commands for gripping, releasing and state control of the connected grippers, no special script programming knowledge is required.

Simple configuration

The Plug-In allows the comfortable configuration and control of up to four different workpieces per gripper. Give your workpieces meaningful names to easily identify them later during programming and operation.

Teach your workpiece

GRIPKIT comes with a unique function that allows you to intuitively teach the grip parameters for your your workpiece. This is as easy as moving the gripper fingers manually to your workpiece.

Increase your flexibility

GRIPKIT supports the simultaneous operation of up to 8 grippers on one robot controller. As the plug-in is the same for all GRIPKITs, you can mix pneumatic and electric grippers of all types. In addition, offline programming without connecting the grippers physically is supported.

Technical details

Includes a URCap plugin:



UR3, UR5, UR10

Software version required: or higher

Certifications and standards:

2014/30/EU — Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (EMC)
2011/65/EU — Restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances (RoHS)
ISO 12100-1/2 — Safety of machines, basic concepts, general principles for design)


GRIPKIT-P1: 75 x 37 x 39 mm (gripper only)
GRIPKIT-P2: 120 x 50 x 55 mm (gripper only)
GRIPKIT-PZ1: 87 x 82.4 x 42 mm (gripper only)

Kit contents:

Gripper Module
Interface Converter DC-IOLINK
Mounting Plate Gripper to UR
Cables and mounting material
USB Flash drive with URCaps Plug-In, Examples, Documentation
Printed operating manual

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