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Actin® Robotics Simulation and Control Software

Introducing Actin 4.0© - Next generation software for any robot

Used by NASA, DARPA, and commercial customers around the world, the Actin® Robotics Simulation and Control Toolkit provides miraculously smooth, fluid movement that avoids collisions and joint limits, optimizes strength and accuracy and performs complex tasks with ease. Actin® is used for applications as varied as on-orbit robotic servicing missions and robotic harvesting. It can also be used to support most commercial robotic platforms and any custom robotic solution.

    •  Multi-robot coordination
    •  Dynamic collision avoidance
    •  Singularity avoidance
    •  Kinematically redundant mechanisms
    •  Complex kinematic chains
    •  Global path planning
    •  Real-time dynamic simulation
    •  IO and sensor feedback
    •  Easy integration of new hardware components
    •  Integration with CAD
    •  Desktop applications for Windows, Linux, OS X
    •  Control on VxWorks, Real- Time Linux and RTOS32


Features and benefits
  • Builds on top of UR safety
  • Rapid design validation
  • Design robot tasks
  • Graphically from the comfort of your desk
  • Congure avoidance zones
  • Supports safety assessments
  • Improved ROI and reduced integration effort

How does it work?

With Actin®, you can reduce integration effort while enabling a new set of capabilities
for your UR robots. Here is how it works


  • Design Using the Actin® Manipulation DirectorTM interface, you drag and drop building blocks to create your task script. These building blocks includecongurable waypoint sequences, custom tool paths from CAD, IO actions, andsensor feedback just to name a few. New building blocks can be added at any time.

  • Rene Test your scripts in simulation and iterate on robot selection andwork cell layout. Actin® scripts are robot agnostic and motions are relative to objects in the workspace. Need to move the part, try a different arm or add an extra axis? No problem, Actin will dynamically update the motion sequences without requiring you to edit the task script.

  • Deploy Once the workspace, part placement, and robot conguration are set, it is time to run with hardware. You have two deployment options: 1) Online control to unlock full capabilities of Actin®, 2) Ofine control using URScript generation. Both options work seamlessly with the UR control box and retain all UR safety features.
Technical details


UR3, UR5, UR10
CB2, CB3.0, CB3.1

Software version required: 

Actin® viewer can run on Windows, Linux or OS X


Downloadable software product

License type:

Perpetual license which inclides one year of maintenance. Subsequent maintenance licenses are optional after the first year of included support (or) Annual subscription license which includes all maintenance.


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