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This is an article helping users understand the filters and search function.

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Filters (available in How to and FAQ):

The filters to the left are auto filters. Meaning that the filter will be active as soon as a box is ticked.

When a filter is selected it will show around the middle, below the search bar.

You can delete the filter pressing the X or reset all filters by selecting the gray box saying Reset filters


Filters (available in Download):

This filter is also an auto filter.  Meaning that when you have selected an subject it will automatically next filter. This will continue until the document/software needed has been narrowed down.

If a new search is needed, the new search button is always available just below the latest filter.


Search (available in the top bar):

It’s possible to search on text, but also article numbers. The article numbers should make it easier to refer to an article instead of the full string of text.

When selected, the search bar will show. In this search bar you can search all articles in How to and FAQ.


Search (available in How to and FAQ)

The search in the How to and FAQ can be combined with the filters or just a search by it self. One can see the number of articles available just below the search bar to the right.

This number shows the articles available after a search/filter has been added.


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