Data Source Matrix For Remote Access - 33474

Summary of where to find data when accessing robot remotely. 

Example is valid for: 3.5 (may work on earlier versions)

CB3 Software version: 3.5.0 
Note that older or newer software versions may behave differently.

A large variety of data is available to external devices. The data is available from multiple sources on the robot controller.

In order to make it easier to figure out what source to connect with, a matrix of data and source is now available.

Here are the first few rows a matrix that shows which data items are available from each sources. Please see the attachment to access the balance of the matrix.


Robot Data Source Summary 

Data Item Primary Client Secondary Client  Real Time Client RTDE  Modbus EIP & PN
Timestamp X X X X    
Controller Timer        X    
RTMachine Time          X X
Actual Execution Time       X    
Physical Robot Connected X X        
Real Robot Enabled  X X        
Robot Power On X X     X X
is EmergencyStopped X X     X X


Link to complete matrix : Complete Robot Data Source Summary