Create informational popups in run screen - 15382

Examples are valid for:

CB2 Software version: 1.8.16941
CB3 Software version: 3.1.17779

e-Series Software version: All versions

Note that older or newer software versions may behave differently.

This how-to is classified as EXPERT and the purpose is to create popups, that does not halt program execution. 
For regular popups, please refer to the how-to: Create a popup

This “how to” demonstrates, how to create informational popups on the TP run-screen, without pausing program execution.
Example: A popup to inform operator “Process A” have been started, and another to inform the robot is “Searching for item to pick up”
The purpose is NOT to pause program execution, but only for information. If the wish is to pause program execution, and wait for operator acknowledgment, please refer to the regular Popup command in Structure tab.

Informational popups can be send using the internal Dashboard server of the UR Controller.
This “how to” will use script coding to send commands from UR program to internal Dashboard server.
First, open a connection to Dashboard server.
Should be first in the program or BeforeStart sequence.
Use the script command:
Where is the default internal IP address of Dashboard server, 29999 is the port and “internal” is the name.

Create a popup using this script:
socket_send_string("popup The text I want","internal")
Where “The text I want” is the message to be displayed, and byte 10 is a necessary “return” character.

Kill the popup using these script lines:
socket_send_string("close popup","internal")


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