What type of ........ - 17271

Gear: Harmonic Drive Gears, http://www.harmonicdrive.net/

Motors: Permanent Magnet AC Synchronous Drive motors are used in both CB3 and e-Series robots. 

Motor drivers: Integrated Motor Drives, Space Vector (Field Oriented) Control @25Khzhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vector_control_(motor)

Servo controller: Integrated Servo Controllers in each joint, based on a dual encoder system

Bus system:  CB-Series: A proprietary modern RS485 twisted-pair based bus system is used

                      e-Series: UR's own protocol

Voltage used in the robot arm: The robot arm is supplied with 48V DC. Each joint transforms this voltage to a 3 phase AC with a peak-peak voltage of 48V which gives an maximum AC voltage of approximately 20V AC (with an offset of 18-30V moving DC compared to GND). A joint with a speed of 180 degrees/second is driven by a voltage of around 16V AC.

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