New podcast by Universal Robot

New podcast by Universal Robot
New podcast by Universal Robot

”Welcome to the ReAutomated podcast, where we explore how automation is redefining manufacturing.”

Those are the first words on the new podcast ReAutomated by Universal Robots.

The podcast aims to provide the listener with the latest trends, insights, and real stories that are redefining the way we produce goods.

The host is Chris Savoia from Universal Robots, and he will be talking to leading experts, thought leaders and manufacturers to get their insights on how automation is reshaping the industry.

They will explore the benefits and challenges of automation, the impact on the workforce, and the new opportunities emerging for businesses that embrace automation.

The first two episodes are ready for your listening pleasure.

In the first episode, Chris is joined by Ben Armstrong, Executive Director of the Industrial Performance Center at MIT, and Julie Shah, Faculty Director of the Work of the Future initiative at MIT. They discuss why many previous lights-out automation projects have failed, covering stories from GM, Tesla, and Boeing. And they get practical on achieving both increased productivity AND increased flexibility with automation.

In the second episode, Engelberger Award Winner Jeff Burnstein guests on the podcast with his 40 years of experience in the automation field. He shares what the research tells us about the correlation between automation and employment and shares some stories of companies that have succeeded in creating jobs by automating. He will also share his experienced input on how you get started and how you overcome the classic obstacles of automation.

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