Thiele is a classic small tools manufacturer that develops individual solutions for designing processing, testing, measuring and leakage testing equipment and manufactures parts in CNC controlled machining centres. The company has around 10 employees and primarily manufactures individual parts and small production series for industry. Its customers are mainly companies within the automobile industry, aeronautics and space technology and plastic production.


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Robot expands production capacity


Every night a robot from Universal Robots works diligently and completely unmanned next to a milling centre at the Thiele tools company. In this way Thiele has now manufactured many more small series without additional personnel or having to buy more machinery.


Client: Thiele / Distributor: Faude

The global financial crisis meant several challenges for Thiele and most other small and medium-sized companies. In order to increase productivity, the company was on the lookout for new business areas and is therefore now also investing in milling small series. The economic situation meant that Thiele was unable to employ additional employees or buy new machinery.


Automation turned out to be the solution: when manual single production finishes in the day shift, the robot is placed next to a milling centre and runs an unmanned production of small series at night. It relieves employees from monotonous handling work so that they can carry out far more challenging tasks instead.


No need for a safety shield

The robot also carries out quality assurance using an image processing system developed by the distributor Faude and integrated into the Universal Robots solution. 


There was no need for Thiele to make design changes in order to implement the automation solution: Universal Robots has had its industrial robot certified so that it can work right next to humans without an additional safety shield.


The robot solution was developed and integrated in just four weeks. Since then the system has run without problems.


New perspective on industrial robots

Universal Robots is also solving a classic dilemma for smaller companies.


“A small craftsman’s business can’t just buy a robot with standard tools. It needs an individual solution suitable for the company’s environment and special working requirements. Until recently the price of robot systems has been too high for them, although Universal Robots’ lightweight robot at a third of the price for similar solutions gives smaller companies a whole new perspective on industrial robots,” explains Dieter Faude from the distributor Faude.