Versatile robots
Products from Universal Robots have been designed and developed so they can be used in any form of industry for automating all types of tasks and processes.



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Industrial Robots
that make a difference


Our customers tell us that Universal Robots robot arms fulfill a significant need. The cases below prove that our robots can be used in many different contexts.


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Robots help with scientific medicine
and pharmaceutical projects

 Read case about AGH, Poland


Robots reduces work arduousness
and opens up new prospects

 Read case about BOOG, France


First robot to collaborate directly
with employees at Volkswagen plant

 Read case about VW, Germany


Robot colleague
boosts the bottom line

 Read case about Stantræk, Denmark


Universal Robots brings
manufacturing back to United States

 RSS Manufacturing & Phylrich, USA


Universal Robots optimize the analysis
of sugar beets at Nordic Sugar

Read case about Nordic Sugar, Sweeden


Robotic laboratory technician

Read case about REPLAC BM, Czech Republic



A measuring robot ensures
“just-in-time” assembly

Read case about Lear Corporation, Michigan, USA


Multi-application robot arm
is ‘child’s play’ to programme

Read case about Clamcleats Ltd. England


Even a small machine factory
can invest in a robot

Read case about Konetehdas K&K, Finland


Danish robot reduces cost, optimizes production
at precision engineering company

Read case about Sky Engineering, Singapore


Robots first being used in
PCB industry and free men labour

Read case about Kunshan Dongwei, China


Robots and employees produce
kitchen sinks side-by-side

Read case about Franke Küchentechnik AG, Switzerland


Robot saves man years at dairy

Read case about Mjólkursamsalan Akureyri, Iceland



Robot makes packing more efficient

Read case about Scandinavian Tobacco Group, Denmark



Robot handles microscopically small parts

Read case about Oticon, Denmark



Robot expands production capacity

Read case about Thiele, Germany



Universal Robots has solved
a long-standing challenge at Linatex

Read case about Linatex, Denmark


A robot to see off the competitors

Read case about Gern Glas, Denmark


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